Streamlining Incident Response and Reporting Requirements in Compliance (46:15)

Compliance reporting and attestation requirements run in parallel with the ever changing threat landscape that organizations and security operations center (SOC) teams face. As SOC teams continue to mitigate and adapt to cyberthreats, one thing remains constant—incident response will continue to require documentation and reporting. One such common compliance requirement in the energy industry is North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP), which is a set of requirements designed to secure the assets necessary for operating and stabilizing North America’s bulk electric system. NERC CIP requires robust reporting and self-certification to authorities.

In this webinar replay, Bob Swanson, Compliance Research Consultant, and Jay Spann, SOAR Evangelist, discuss how SOAR can streamline and support compliance reporting and audit package creation. They also discuss:

  • Using automation for audit support
  • Other areas where SOAR can support compliance requirements
  • Review of NERC CIP use case to automate incident response and reporting within SOAR

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