Actionable SOC Metrics with Dashboards and Reports

Granular information about the performance of security tools, telemetry and processes are crucial for CISO’s when they are measuring KPI and ROI metrics. Help your team continually improve SOC maturity with actionable insights from dashboards and reports.

savings every year with Swimlane




reduction in incident response times



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Visualize Stronger, Faster Security Operations

A picture speaks a thousand words, and so does an automated dashboard. Swimlane Turbine’s playbooks self-document into highly composable SOC dashboards and reports which will provide actionable insights to help you continuously mature your SecOps program.


Improve Staff Efficiency

Case management will help you keep pace with threats without being overwhelmed by task switching, or slowed down by manual tasks.

Establish Benchmarks and Cross-Check Security Tools

Comprehensive security orchestration provides visibility into all integrated tools so that you can track critical SOC KPIs and identify gaps quickly.

Clear ROI Tracking

Whether you’re interested in the ROI of an individual component of your tech stack or the ROI attributed to the effectiveness of your staff, Turbine can help you calculate it at a granular level.

Gain Actionable Insights with Swimlane Turbine

In this 3-minute video, you’ll gain a high-level introduction to the Swimlane Turbine low-code visualization studio that powers its dashboard and reporting features. The platform uses highly composable widgets to make it easy to display actionable insights for any use case or persona. 

Track Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR)

Security automation platforms can track every step of the incident response process to help you measure the effectiveness of your SecOps processes. SOC dashboards make it easier to drill down into specific metrics, like MTTD or MTTR, in order to understand where time can be saved.

Maximize Staff Efficiency and Optimize Tools

Analyst burnout is the most pervasive challenge that security teams face, yet many leaders struggle to effectively mitigate it. Dashboards with built-in workload monitoring make it easier to see when resources need to be reallocated in order to avoid analyst burnout, or when staff members need additional training.

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