Table 1

ImplementationLimited & non-existent development to customize Tines to your specific needsComplete white-glove implementation of main solutions and applications in less than 2 weeks.
Case ManagementBasic case management functionality limits visibility will results in gaps to quantify actions.Customized and actionable insights to all stakeholders in order to deliver business outcomes.
ScalabilityInability to handle large volumes of dataEasily automate any use cases in and beyond the SOC based on your current and future maturity.
IntegrationsNo integrations means limitations or painful customization.Infinite integrations with Turbine’s ability to connect with any API
Customer ExperiencePoor SupportBest-in-Class Service
Pricing and PackagingUnexpected cost to deploy and get the platform to work.No Hidden Cost

Table 2

ImplementationNot as simple as claimed: “Setting up Torq can be difficult”Completed in 2 weeks or less 
Gartner Peer Insights
ScaleIngests a small number of events per secs, impacting performanceExecute 25 million actions per day which is 10x faster than Torq
Security“Lack of robust security updates”Frequent releases, ensuring quick vulnerability patching
DeploymentSaaS offering onlyCloud, on-prem and  airgapped deployments supported 
AI Lack of transparency on how Socrates is built and trainedGrowing collection of AI innovations built on private LLM
IntegrationsNo ability to build or integrate your own toolsInfinite integrations are available 
Playbook Building ExperienceTorq offers fully-built applications, meaning they can’t be customized to fit specific needsSupports python and JSON developers while also offering robust no-code features
Case ManagementBasic case management with limited capacity to add custom field Composable UI to build any case management or user experience
Customer ExperienceDoes not offer Professional Services Best-in-class service offering

Table 3

ImplementationDifficult to get startedCompleted in 2 weeks or less
ScalabilityIngests a small number of events per secondExecutes 25 million actions per day
PerformanceLimited scale slows automation speedAutomates 10x faster than Torq
Case ManagementRestricted to 7 record fieldsHighly customizable with 72+ record fields
IntegrationsLimited to pre-built integrationsInfinite integrations are available on-demand
DashboardsNot availableVisual dashboards for any user or use case
ReportingNot availableFlexible reports that can leverage AI summaries and translations.
PlaybooksNo playbook customizationHighly adaptable low-code playbooks
AIAI-driven case managementAI-driven case management, reporting, and playbook tools
Security & ComplianceLack of robust security updatesDedicated Trust Center for GRC resources
Deployment ModelsSaaSCloud, on-premises, or air-gapped
Pricing & PackagingUnexpected & hidden costs (deployment, features…)Full featured with unlimited users & integrations

Table 4

ScalabilityHandles 10 actions per second

Automates 100x faster than Tines
Case ManagementRestricted to 9 fields Highly customizable with 72+ record fields
DashboardsNot availableVisual dashboards for any user or use case
ReportingNot availableFlexible reports that can leverage AI summaries and translations.
PlaybooksPython exclusively supportedSupports Python and JSON
IntegrationsNo pre-built integrations approach means limitation to maintain and customizeInfinite integrations are available on-demand
AINo native AI capabilitiesSwimlane LLM, AI-driven case management, reporting, and playbook tools
ReliabilityDowntime due to daily event limits
99.9% availability and zero downtime (ZDT) updates
Pricing & PackagingUnexpected costs (deployment, features…)Full-featured with unlimited users & integrations
Multi-TenancyNot supported
Cloud-native multi-tenant architecture
DeploymentSelf-hosted environment comes at a premium available to enterprise
customers only
Cloud, on-prem, and air-gapped deployments supported