Splunk SOAR vs. Swimlane

Have you considered the vendor lock-in restrictions with Splunk SOAR?

Splunk SOAR Is Limiting Your Potential

Simply automating an action while being vendor restricted is not enough to solve complex use cases today, or the essential use cases of tomorrow.

Splunk SOAR’s Vendor Lock-in

Don’t sacrifice best-of-breed capabilities in favor of blind bundling. Splunk SOAR offers limited supported integrations due to vendors’ competitive considerations.

Splunk SOAR’s Technology Limitations

Splunk SOAR is not built with data ingestion scale or throughput processing power in mind, that makes them dependent on underlying SIEM infrastructure, and lengthy data aggregation lifecycles, to action on alerts.

Splunk SOAR’s Disengagement And Complexity

Splunk SOAR customer reviews on Gartner Peer Insights remark that the user interface is unusual, reporting is awful, development releases cycles are slow and the python code breaks the GUI editor.

Splunk SOAR’s Poor Case Management Capabilities

If your case management capabilities are equivalent to a virtual evidence locker it’s time to see what you’re missing. Splunk’s out-of-the-box case management is limited with minimal configuration options.

Reasons Why Customers Rely on Swimlane

  • #1 rated SOAR on Gartner Peer Insights
  • Fortune 500s rely on Swimlane for security automation 
  • Partner-proven to integrate with anything your environment demands

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Customer Stories

When we were searching for automation, we found Swimlane to be one of the few products that actually allowed us a more versatile and custom build into automation. Within the first couple of weeks, we had Swimlane up and processing our data, and adding the value of time savings to our business. It was fast. We use Swimlane as a central repository for all of our data coming in. We use it to automate all of our other tool stacks, to bring our tech into almost a ‘single pane of glass’ situation.

Zach Tielking
Chief Cyber Forensicator, The DIG

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