Automated Prevention

You’re at Level 4

Use the Swimlane ARMOR Framework to take your SOC from automated prevention to advanced autonomous operations.

Overall Assessment

Your organization has already begun to shift from purely reactive to proactive automation. This means that you are actively closing the gaps and making progress towards a more secure risk posture.

Overall Score


Your team members have extensive experience both in terms of scripting capabilities and industry tenure. Rather than building your team’s capabilities it’s time to focus on empowering the team to solve more complex problems to retain top talent.

People Score


Your processes, policies and procedures are diligently defined. Now it’s a matter of focusing on results. Focus on establishing a process for optimizing processes based on KPI achievement overtime.

Process Score


Your technology implementation is extensive and robust. In order to maximize efficacy it’s important to focus on fine tuning tools, alert correlation, prioritization and automation logic.

Technology Score

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Advanced Autonomous Operations

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