Every security team is a software team now: Why you should attend the Black Hat keynote

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Building and facilitating a culture with continuous collaboration between engineers and security forces is becoming the new philosophy in security, which is why I am stoked for this year’s Black Hat USA keynote speaker: Dino Dai Zovi, staff security engineer at Square.

Every Security Team is a Software Team Now” promises to dive into the latest iteration of security operations as current security teams morph into in-house security software teams, delivering multi-vertical value through self-service platforms and tools. Because of today’s growing and evolving threat landscape, security teams need to provide secure methods for both business and engineering teams to conduct daily business.

In a recent Twitter exchange with Dino, he and I discussed this idea that to create a shared sense of responsibility, we must break down the silos within security teams by incorporating them into the larger engineering divisions of organizations. I couldn’t agree more.

Organizations are empowered to make security-conscious decisions when they understand the respect and value of security teams who provide expertise and resources to user communities through self-service tools combined with automation. It is becoming more and more evident that we all play a role in bolstering organizations to make sound judgments regarding data and privacy. Dino does an excellent job expressing that in his statement, “As software is eating the world, every company is becoming a software company.” Yes, as we defend against threats, we need to make it easier to follow our guidelines and best practices. This can only be done by translating security processes into business processes.

This keynote has the potential to really shine a light on how security teams are not large enough to ingest and process the amount of alerts and issues they face on a daily basis. It is time to shift our mindset. Traditional security teams are considered separate entities within organizations, shifting security towards being a subset of engineering divisions enables greater visibility into the daily operations, both peered and shared responsibilities, when it comes to security operations.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking session, I highly recommend checking out what Dino has to bring to the table.

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