Low-Code Security Automation Makes Its Debut

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If you buy into the idea that every company is a technology company today, then you already know that security is having an unprecedented impact on business and the bottom line of companies around the globe. As we wrap up Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we now find ourselves operating in a world where cybersecurity is a company-wide issue.

Security teams can’t keep up with the overwhelming number of tasks associated with security processes across the entire organization. And beyond the talent shortage in cybersecurity, how can SecOps leaders expect to keep top security talent highly-engaged if all they do is monotonous repetitive tasks.

This is why the Swimlane team are so excited to introduce Swimlane Cloud, the first cloud-scale, low-code platform for security automation that is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS). This moves our industry beyond the traditional SOAR software use cases, which certainly cannot be ignored, but also unlocks automation beyond the SOC by delivering a platform that serves as the system-of-record for the entire security organization.

Swimlane low-code security automation improves the ease with which security teams can overcome process and data fatigue by delivering the power and capability of award-winning automation as a cloud service. Unlike other cloud-delivered offerings, customers gain access to the same features and functionality delivered by Swimlane’s highly-capable on-premises solution. Customers benefit from visibility into the performance, capacity, and value of the organization’s security strategy with self-service dashboards, granular reporting, and extensive visualization capabilities.

So what’s “low-code security automation” all about anyway? Well, low-code security automation provides a robust application development capability for use cases ranging from simple drag-and-drop data entry and business logic to extremely complex, sophisticated use cases that meet the needs of the entire enterprise.

Low-code security automation means ultra-fast integration with any security or IT tool. This translates into a rapid integration framework that enables an out-of-the-box integration experience.

Visual tools are provided for use case development, enabling the enterprise to harness institutional knowledge across the organization and giving anyone the opportunity to be an automator.

The entire system is workflow and technology agnostic, meaning no closed ecosystem or vendor lock-in so you can turn-on any use case with no technology limitations.

And when we talk about “cloud-scale, low-code automation,” we are referring not only to the scalability of the platform itself, but speaking to the flexible deployment options that enable you to easily deploy the platform anywhere, from SaaS, cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, and even air-gapped OT environments commonly found in energy and utilities.

This flexibility translates into a greater benefit to value added resellers and technology providers looking to integration with automation, as well as advisory businesses. The combination of Swimlane’s Medley Partner Program and the robust low-code security automation platform delivers a customer-first approach combining security technology integrations with industry best-practices to create market-ready solutions that accelerate time-to-value.

Swimlane’s release of our new comprehensive Medley Partner Program is built to foster collaboration, drive enablement and facilitate financial empowerment for partners. In the end, it creates significant new market opportunities for partners and delivers extended value to customers by enabling new use cases previously not possible through the increased adoption of low-code security automation use cases.

With the combination of our cloud-based low-code security automation offering and new partner program, Swimlane is providing a new way for security teams to implement the industry’s most-capable security automation platform, harnessing the knowledge of the entire security organization to enable everyone to create sophisticated security automation use cases, while centralizing operational data as a system of record.

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