Why Weedmaps Chose Swimlane for DevSecOps Automation

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Weedmaps, a leading cannabis technology platform, leverages Swimlane low-code security automation to power DevSecOps and security workflows.

In today’s fast-paced software development world, security teams must seamlessly integrate into the DevOps culture to operate effectively. Weedmaps, a prominent player in the cannabis industry, recognized this need and sought a solution that could provide comprehensive integration capabilities while streamlining their DevSecOps processes. 

Enter Swimlane, a platform that not only met their requirements but also offered unparalleled flexibility and automation. 

Continue reading about Weedmaps’ journey with Swimlane and how it unlocked endless possibilities for DevSecOps automations.

Challenge: Adopting a DevSecOps Culture

Weedmaps understood the importance of adopting a DevSecOps culture within their security organization. They recognized that security needed to be integrated into the development process from the start, rather than an afterthought. According to Rob Perrin, Senior DevSecOps Engineer, “We needed an integration solution with limited middleware that we don’t have to manage, that can also operate within a complex DevOps world.”

Solution: Endless Customization with Low-Code Security Automation 

When exploring their options, Swimlane caught Weedmaps’ attention with its sandbox-like nature. The company valued giving their talented employees the freedom to innovate while relying on a central platform to handle their automations. Perrin further added, “Nothing else out there really offered the flexibility for the automation we were looking at.”

Solution: Unleashing Automation Creativity 

When asked about their experience with Swimlane, Perrin expressed, “If you can dream it, you can do it with Swimlane.” Weedmaps could bring unique and greenfield ideas to the table from the start. Automations could be tailored specifically for their environment and culture, enabling them to unleash their creativity and drive innovation.

Realizing Results with Swimlane

One of the significant areas where Weedmaps witnessed tangible results with Swimlane was compliance and business intelligence. By leveraging the workflows built within Swimlane, they achieved granular work tracking, seamlessly flowing it to Jira. Additionally, Swimlane empowered them to enhance their incident response performance metrics, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.

The Dynamic Professional Service Team

What sets Swimlane apart from other security organizations or partners, according to Weedmaps, is its dynamic and fluid professional service team. They have successfully tackled complex and intriguing challenges together, constantly looking forward to their collaborative sessions. Swimlane’s team has been instrumental in solving intricate problems and ensuring Weedmaps maximizes the value of their automation initiatives.

Transforming Security Metrics

Weedmaps initially embarked on a pilot use case and proof of value with Swimlane, focusing on an XDR workflow. As the automation capabilities expanded, they customized Swimlane to track the critical time-to-acknowledge metric, which is becoming a vital SLA for various security frameworks. Traditional tools, including Jira, fell short, but Weedmaps achieved their objective within Swimlane, surpassing expectations.

Weedmaps’ adoption of Swimlane has empowered them to embrace a DevSecOps culture seamlessly. With Swimlane’s sandbox-like flexibility and comprehensive automation capabilities, Weedmaps has transformed their DevSecOps processes, unlocking endless automations and achieving remarkable results in compliance, business intelligence, and incident response. Swimlane’s professional service team has been a constant source of support and innovation, enabling Weedmaps to overcome complex challenges and realize their vision of a streamlined and secure development pipeline.

VIDEO: Weedmaps Relies on Swimlane for Endless DevSecOps Automation

Rob Perrin, Senior DevSecOps Engineer uses Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform to secure Weedmaps growth through continuously compliant processes, enhanced DevSecOps collaboration, and communication.

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