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Turbine Canvas: Your Low-Code Automation Studio

Unleash your inner inventor, tinkerer, problem-solver, and artist with the industry’s first and only ultra-simple automation builder.  

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Enterprises achieve 240% return on investment with Swimlane Turbine.

Playbook building


x Faster

Digital Investigative Group, builds playbooks 3x faster with Turbine. 

Time to Value



Time to value 
It only takes 1 day to be up and running with Swimlane Turbine.

Revolutionized Automation Development

  • Modular and reusable components make automating fast and simple
  • Unprecedented visibility provides a human-centric approach, redefining SecOp
  • Low-code studio democratizes automation across the security organization

Embrace the Art of Low-Code Automation

Ultra-simple automation is a blend of art and science. Swimlane has taken inspiration from best-in-class business process modeling tools to simply bring your ideas to life in the Turbine Canvas. Building automation with Canvas is as easy as drawing a flow chart. Gain unprecedented visibility into how all your playbooks connect, with the ability to edit them in one spot and leverage multiple triggers per playbook for unparalleled control and flexibility.


Modular and Reusable Components

Turbine components are visual building blocks that make building automation faster and easier than ever before. With components, you can build once and reuse anywhere.

Intuitive Human-Centric Interfaces

Components act as playbook building blocks in Canvas. They are designed with intuitive and human-readable interfaces so their data inputs and outputs are easy to understand and customize.

Low-Code Automation Studio

Only Turbine makes the concept of low-code a reality, not a buzzword. Turbine Canvas makes automation approachable with a few clicks, and drag and drop simplicity.

Ultra-Simple Playbook Logic 

Turbine Canvas favors clear understanding and collaboration over computer-centric logic. This elegant user experience empowers humans to automate while maximizing effectiveness and accountability. A collection of no-code logic brings this experience to life. 

Repeat Actions

Leverage nested or branching loops for intricate use cases. This capability helps when you need to iterate through a list of items, acting on each. 

Conditional Logic

Build conditional logic as simply as you can write a sentence. This Canvas capability helps facilitate logic such as “if A do X” but “if B do Y.”

Data Transformation

Easily convert data from original to uniform state. Pick between working in no-code or advanced mode to automate at your skill level.

Create and Update Variables 

Effortlessly collect, store, and use variables, such as “get email” or “add date” in downstream actions without writing a line of code.

HTTP Requests 

Integrate with any API on the planet. This Canvas feature sends data to and from any API endpoint without the need for a connector.  

Schema Inference

Use the Hero AI feature in Turbine Canvas to execute on highly-dynamic data sets without the burden of cleaning, normalizing, and manually mapping data.

Parallel Execution

Execute actions concurrently with Turbine Canvas parallel execution. This feature ensures that all actions are complete before moving on to automate downstream actions.

Interact with Record Actions 

Search, create, and update application actions directly within Turbine Canvas’s intuitive and simple UI for faster security operations.  

Unleash the Power of Python

Turbine is a platform for inventors of all skill levels, and the most advanced automators demand Python support. This is where the low-code automation approach leaves no-code in the dust. Turbine Canvas has a variety of Python features that enable developers to be truly creative in their automation solutions.


Python Inputs 

Say goodbye to writing reference strings and say hello to an easy input mapping experience. The Canvas experience decreases complexity through global variables for easy input access.

AI-Generated Python

Seconds is all it takes to generate Python outputs and test actions directly in Canvas. Use the Hero AI Text-to-Code ChatBot as your on-demand assistant for generating complex scripts.

File Transformations with Python

Maximize developer productivity with the ability to transform Python files. Use the pre-built file function in Canvas to easily read and write attachments.

With other companies’ products, the playbooks come pre-installed as defaults, but with Swimlane, I was able to customize the task-flow of the various playbooks myself flexibly.

Kenji Kojima
Chief Specialist
Security Strategy Group Cyber Security Center
Toshiba Corporation

Our engineers are able to still use those plug-and-play types of automations that are already there and built for us. However, we can even expand on those and customize them to how our attack surface needs to be addressed.

Jonathan Kennedy
Chief Information Security Officer
InComm Payments

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