Five benefits to implementing security automation using SOAR

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Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) goes beyond automating tasks that used to be handled manually by working together to effectively, and even proactively, improve your cybersecurity operations.

SOAR combines technical capabilities and software with built-in processes to improve the management of security alerts within an organization. Broken down:

  • Security automation: The ability to execute a sequence of tasks related to a security workflow without human intervention, streamlining incident response (see below) processes by automating time-consuming, manual tasks.
  • Security orchestration: The integration of disparate security tools and platforms to enable automated incident response.
  • Incident response: The processes organizations use to triage and remediate security alerts. Incident response processes may be completely automated, completely manual, or a combination of both to mirror an organization’s unique business processes.

When integrated with your security team’s existing tools, SOAR improves your security operations (SecOps) mean time to resolution (MTTR) and better defends your organization from all types of security threats.

Five ways SOAR can improve your organization’s SecOps

  1. Enhance and improve incident response with threat intelligence: Optimize your threat intelligence workflow by consolidating all current security tools into one seamless platform that automatically identifies and addresses issues in real time, allowing you to react faster and more intelligently to all types of types of threats and to stop potential breaches.
  2. Resolve security alerts proactively: When alarms and related data are being assessed at machine speeds, your analysts have the bandwidth to gather evidence and relevant security event context proactively, allowing for improved investigation, faster decision making and even breach prevention.
  3. Increase efficacy with automated metrics and reporting: Instead of spending valuable time gathering and sorting through metrics and reports, analysts using a robust SOAR solution can generate standardized daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly reports that include all activity (even undocumented). What’s more, they have clear visibility into the state of security within your organization with easy-to-understand progress bars and other crucial business metrics and maintain real-time reports within your centralized dashboards.
  4. Improve security operations center management with standardized processes: Using a centralized security operations center (SOC) management system, your organization can maintain better internal and regulatory compliance. Plus, using an automation platform specifically built with SOCs in mind, allows you to better prioritize and optimize alert remediation.
  5. Power orchestration with automation: Orchestration allows you to improve security processes by making your existing resources work together. Move beyond reactionary models, and be more proactive in defending your organization from threats by implementing sophisticated defense strategies with comprehensive data gathering, UI standardization and workflow analysis.

Security automation with Swimlane

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