What to expect at RSA Conference 2019

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As adversaries increasingly work together to infiltrate systems containing the world’s most sensitive and lucrative information, the impact the cybersecurity industry can have on our digital future cannot be understated. Convening the latest cybersecurity data, innovation and thought leadership, RSA Conference 2019 is “where the world talks security.”

This year’s theme is “Better.” When it comes to cybersecurity, what defines better? New solutions? More intuitive algorithms? AI and machine learning? While these are certainly part of it, technology is not the only answer. Ensuring the protection of our digital future requires everyone to be better today, and we couldn’t agree more!

The conference will gather cybersecurity’s brightest minds together March 4-8 in San Francisco to discuss the industry’s newest developments and predict what’s to come in the year ahead. Here’s what we’re anticipating for this year’s event.

Initial thoughts and expectations

Because this year’s theme involves working together to find solutions that make the world a better place, we are incredibly excited about this year’s panels and keynote speeches and their respective topics. Some of the speeches and panels we’re most looking forward to include:

  1. (Girl) Scouting for Talent: The Solution in the Next Generation
    Recruiting the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learners to fill an anticipated global shortfall of millions of security employees in the not-too-distant future remains of utmost concern. In her speech, Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, will discuss the positive future impact of diversity and how attendees can help lead the change.
  2. The Trust Landscape
    When it comes to security, trust has eroded. Malicious activity can be spread to millions in an instant, and no one feels safe. That needs to change, and we, as cybersecurity professionals, need to work together to ensure society can trust that its most sensitive information remain safe. We’re looking forward to joining RSA’s president and a leading cybersecurity strategist as they begin to tackle the consequential challenge of trust.
  3. The Power of the People: Amplifying Our Human Capacity through Technology and Community
    Because of a general reluctance to share information that organizations think bad actors might be able to use against them, security information sharing is often limited. But as gaps threatening technology’s ability to amplify human capacity continue to form, stakeholders in the cybersecurity space need to cooperate and collaborate to maximize our potential. We’re excited to hear what Corporate Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions Group at Microsoft Ann Johnson has to say about bringing diverse sets of people and data together.

And, of course, we’re looking forward to Tina Fey’s speech on Friday afternoon!

Check out the full lineup of panels and keynote speakers for RSA Conference 2019.

Microsoft-Swimlane demonstrations

To show off our newly-minted partnership with Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA), we’re demonstrating how Microsoft’s Graph Security API integrates with the Swimlane platform. Join us at Microsoft’s booth, #6059, to discover how users can retrieve alerts and launch automated workflows to conduct data enrichment, obtain threat intelligence, remediate threats and perform complex incident response actions across all Microsoft and third-party security platforms—as well as other relevant products and infrastructure.

Our platform orchestrates and automates incident response processes to deliver better threat response capabilities with significantly faster mean time to resolution (MTTR) without adding overhead. Improving security event data and additional relevant context from Microsoft products into Swimlane via the Graph API and others delivers consolidated event details from multiple platforms for rapid investigations and alert triage. This integration ensures that Microsoft customers are better able to protect their entire infrastructure through deep integration that delivers comprehensive, centralized and automated incident response.

Excited for better

As the industry figures out how to adapt to changes spurred by increased regulation while managing burgeoning third-party risk, a new cybersecurity community is emerging—ready to engage with enterprise users willing to share more depth and specifics to make the world better. With topics and tracks ranging from analytics, intelligence and response to technology infrastructure and operations, it’s clear that the collective cybersecurity community is beginning to share, engage and empower each other on the road to making the real world a better place.

Whether it’s keynotes presented by influential industry experts or informative sessions covering a broad range of cybersecurity topics, there’s truly no better place to gain insight and connect with peers from around the globe. Last year’s conference saw 42,000 attendees, 700 speakiers, 650 exhibitors, 17 keynotes and 550 sessions. This year is expected to be even better.

See you there!


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