Incident Response Automation

Swimlane integrates with your people, processes and existing security infrastructure to ensure you can easily and effectively automate the incident response process.

Start responding to incidents in real-time and stay ahead of attackers. Watch a 3-minute video to see how a growing number of enterprises, federal agencies and service providers are using Swimlane to optimize their incident response.


Automate 80-90% of your incident response process.

Automating your response to security threats enables your security operations team to triage alarms more effectively, respond to critical events faster, and seamlessly integrate your existing security solutions into a more efficient and comprehensive incident response program.

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Incident Response Automation

Automate manual security processes.

Consistently respond to security alerts and enable your incident response team to analyze and remediate more threats by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Swimlane’s incident response automation capabilities lets your analysts focus on stopping sophisticated attacks rather than manually copying and pasting evidence. It makes your security operations more efficient, improves mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR), and automatically quantifies ROI by reporting on incident response metrics in a unified dashboard.

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Incident Response Automation

Get critical event insights in real time.

Swimlane’s incident response capabilities empower you to easily manage security alerts at scale, prioritize incident response activities, and ensure that you have the right resources focused on tasks that really matter. Swimlane delivers robust notifications that are automatically enriched from multiple security intelligence sources and normalized to fit your unique processes.

Case Management
Incident Response Automation

View and interact with every aspect of an alert in a single interface.

Swimlane's dynamic case management consolidates integrations, workflows and orchestration actions by delivering relevant data on one screen instead of bouncing between browser tabs and 3rd party platforms. The ability to choose between fully automated and one-click investigation, notification and response allows you to implement the incident response processes that best fit your requirements. And the ability to measure ROI at every step ensures you’re getting the most out of your incident response program.

"The manual nature of today’s security operations slows breach detection and response, leaving data and systems vulnerable to cyberattacks…SAO tools help S&R pros automate process and speed security investigations and response."
Joseph Blankenship, Forrester Research

All-in-One Incident Response Automation for Security Operations

Dynamic Case Management

Capture relevant, real-time and enriched incident data with powerful case management that speeds up investigations, enforces process compliance, and makes it easy to close more security alerts.

Highly Contextualized Notifications

Create standardized email templates with automatically customized message text pulled directly from incident response cases to ensure a consistent notification process tied to ongoing threat response.

Customized Incident Reports

Query incident response data for rapid review and distribution of relevant event detail to appropriate resources. High-level visual insights and detailed grid views deliver critical visibility into incident response details.

Intuitive Dashboards

Gain actionable, real-time insight into your operations with customized dashboards designed to fit any use case. From detailed analyst views to macro-level management dashboards, easily see exactly how your incident response processes are functioning

Comprehensive Security Orchestration

Integrate bi-directionally with your entire security stack to ensure that any alert, incident or trouble ticket is responded to with defense-in-depth measures. Security orchestration ensures you get the most value out of each of your incident response tools.

Consistent Process Management

Map playbooks and workflows to your unique processes to ensure your team responds to every threat quickly and consistently. Incident response processes can be fully automated or configured to allow manual intervention at any step to meet organizational needs.

Quantifiable ROI

Monitor individual analyst to security infrastructure performance to identify which incident response processes are working and where additional resources may be required. Use this data to optimize your security operations and directly link specific incident response processes to real ROI metrics.

Rapid Integration

Drastically accelerate time-to-value with an extensive library of out-of-the-box integrations. Interoperability with virtually any 3rd party platform enables you to use any valid alarm to automate incident response actions, maximizing value without adding operating overhead.

Automating Incident Response e-book

This 20-page e-book examines the increasing pressures faced by cybersecurity teams, the risks of ineffective alert triage, and new automation capabilities that dramatically improve the efficiency of security operations.